Happy New Year? What is 2018 To You?

Death_to_Stock_Chasing_Sunrise_9_Julian_DeSchutterHappy New Year! Everyone is saying it to each other as they pass by, well at least where I was this morning. The photo above is not me nor the place I was this morning. But is it a goal of yours?

I’ll start your new year with some questions to get the adventure started. Is the new year looking happy for you? We often begin the new year with great hope and joy, looking forward to change and new beginnings, to only be followed by disappointment only a few short weeks after.

What is 2018 to you? What does it look like as you try to imagine the rest of the 364 days left of this new territory you have barely set foot on? Not sure?

Well, what would you like 2018 to look like? Perhaps you have set New Year Resolutions again and you know what it will look like, there will be no checks or cross offs to say you successfully achieved it. It never has. Are you tired of having the same life without achieving the goals you set out at every new year? Perhaps what was working for you, just stopped working now. What if 2018 could look different?

We are at Day 1 of 2018. What is stopping you from achieving that amazing 2018 you imagine yourself looking back on at Day 365 of 2018? We could work together in figuring that out. If you have been considering counselling, what is stopping you again this year?

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