Getting Started is The Hardest Step

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It is shared by many, this procrastination that becomes our best friend when we desire to take the first step towards something. It is comforting until the dread of ‘TO DO’ lists come into play and it seems to rob the initial joy of starting something new. Sound familiar? We have all been there, but say there are varying reasons for this procrastination, no?

I have been meaning to start this mental health blog for a very long time now, but life seems to always get in the way. Mostly, it has been difficult because I wanted the first post to be really helpful for my readers and I just could not decide which topic to address first. But as I sat in the very moment and with other conversations coming into play, I realised I was sitting in the very dilemma most of my clients sit with or have sat with at one point. Taking the first step towards something. It could be anything.

Whether it be the first step to look for a counsellor and book an initial consultation, the first step to try something new or to return to something which now seems like ancient history, it can be the most difficult and daunting step. So this post may not address all the other mental health topics I initially had in my mind, however, I find it quite relational and in the moment. Even as an Integrative counsellor myself, I am not immune to this procrastination of the ‘first’. If it seemed like I am and amongst others, possibly we are just more aware of it. This is part of counselling, unlocking awareness of certain parts of our ourselves and then comes that part again…the first step.

I look forward to sharing more about mental health in this space. Follow me for updates as they come!